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We are a project development company

We bring project together with blend of knowledge, purpose and creative passion with our consulting advisory. We provide our collective creativity to create brands people love and places people love to be.

Hilton Goa Room - BTantamount

BTantamount (be equal to) believes in standing by its name to provide specialised advisory service for development of the projects. We bring together Greenfield/ Brownfield concepts into real estate products by incorporating personality through the design, functional and operational components, we drive increased conversion rates at every customer touchpoint.

We are known for being solution oriented, transparent and creative with a strong business/ commercial focus. Our objective is to deliver an innovative, practical and profitable solution that fits your need. We understand that time and budget are two most paramount factors in success or failure of any project.

We work with you throughout the project development cycle with the aim of building you the best and most profitable product.

Our focuses are broken down between: 

Design Services
Development Advisory
Project Development Solution
Hospitality Services

Solution Oriented



Vast Focused


& Accountable

Goa Project - Solstice Goa - BTantamount

Who we are

In difficult terrain, we have built award-winning projects from the ground up. We have saved tangible built-up area in a healthcare project and brought down cost of kitchen equipment by 50%.

By creating experience-based products, we are unified by an approach that is business-centric and design-led. We’re all about connecting our clients to their desired product and creating concepts that celebrate success. We measure our success in stories of impact and smiles on faces.

We are BTantamount

Our focus is on

Thorough feasibility study for product placement


Comprehensive project brief representing client’s requirement


Robust & continuous cost management


Phasing & thorough programming/ scheduling

Management of interfaces


Professional contractual arrangements

Close co-ordination of interfaces between all stakeholders


Constant review of opportunities & constraints


Optimum design & procurement solutions


Constant value engineering with tangible targets


Change/ variation control

We manage transparently  & proactively

Hilton Goa Pool Side - Hospitality - BTantamount


Repetitive products are a justifiable fit for mass market and low cost segment. Full service and Luxury demand bespoke design to match brand identity.

Your project needs to be authentically individual in order to stand apart. We draw out its true personality.

We build in the detail that set you apart.

Max Hospital - BTantamount


Goa Villa - Residential Real Estate - BTantamount

Residential Real Estate

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