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Hilton Goa Resort

Developing a unique resort atop the scenic, terraced slopes of Saipem Hills

We were tasked to develop a resort on a unique piece of land, away from Goa's pristine beaches, offering a unique piece of Goa that's so AUTHENTICALLY Goa. The tranquil resort never tires from offering its adorable architectural uniqueness complemented with fuller landscape and intrinsic panoramic views. 

Hilton Goa - BTantamount - Goa Sunset


100 + 4 Guestrooms - 4 rooms additionally carved out in space that was supposed to get back filled.

Kitchen Equipments - Brought down equipment cost by 50% from budgeted cost.

Guestroom Interior Design - Unique design replacing element of curtains wooden louvers yet achieving room blackout through bespoke detailing.

Food Menu for in-room dining - Terraced slopes and stringent construction laws necessitated split level design, resulting in a one-of-a-kind outcome of no more than four rooms at same level. With no room service trolley available for in-room dining, we worked with the Operations Team to create a food menu serviced through Tiffin Concept.

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