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Hospitality and healthcare projects have global users. They need to speak to varied customer who are motivated by many different demand drivers.

We work directly with you to help you improve, sharpen and clarify every element of your project that, directly or indirectly, touches the customer. We bring a financial focus to the development of project and integrate concept, design, value and construction right through to the development process.

When a project is cohesive, it is optimized for commercial success. We work with you across key areas to build the kind of cohesiveness that delivers results.

Design Services

Hilton Goa Resort

Facility & Services


We design organically bringing master plan, architecture, interior design and landscape together; touch each other, feel each other and grow together. Our design sensibility is subtle, never outgrowing nature and surrounding built mass. We cohabit sustainably with our design just like we do in life. We design for people, create meaningful spaces, for unique experience, we make spaces that reward each client and touch every user.

Technological advancement is an integral part of building and healthcare industry with periodic upgradation a necessity. Our design is efficient, functional and practically sustainable with special focus on latest technology, optimum capex, value during operations and ease of day-to-day operation and maintenance.

We have a common purpose to deliver a better world that is efficient and sustainable.


Development Advisory


Management Agreement Advisory

Agreement between stakeholders is a key factor in the overall success of an investment, not only requiring suitable associates to perform the job at hand, but also the right terms and conditions. Agreements need to be balanced to allow employees to perform whilst owners oversee their investments.

Our keen understanding of branding, management structure and the small print of commercial terms allows us to deliver the ideal operation under the best possible terms, whether it be for a new agreement or taking over an existing contract.

Feasibility Services

Feasibility analysis for a new or existing project requires thorough evaluation of locational characteristics, quantifying demand, market fitment and competitive supply, realistic return on investment, project costs, and conclusive asset value based on sound evidence and business plan to ascertain investment.

Our feasibility reports fully comply with financial institutions, can be used for discussion with brands and lending institutions.


Owner / Client Representation 

We represent owners, protecting their interests and that of their business to ensure that the objectives of the investment are well safeguarded. We apply our experience with technical, business, operations and legal issues to minimise risk and extract best value for investment.

Real Estate Advisory

Every product that we create, has real estate value and it is necessary for every owner to have diversified and well positioned real estate portfolio. Diversified portfolio must compliment each other and yet work to sustain and grow on its own.

With our well established capability to perform feasibility, we assist in developing and create balanced portfolio of real estate assets that enhance capital value of overall investment.

Development Advisory

Project Development Solution

Goa Villa

Concept & Design Development

Our designer roots benefit in capturing and creating a meaningful concept that is cohesive with feasibility, investment, brand and customer touchpoint. Concept forms a story that is carried forward in design and architecture and is well aligned with the business and translate into feasible and efficient operations.

We work cohesively with Architects & Designers to develop design looking in to micro-details that translates to value development for profitability and long term sustainability of the business.

Project Feasibility

We think pragmatically - and our on-ground experience allows us to assess project and root out any potential risks, while also unearthing unforeseen opportunities. We prepare a clear development strategy critical to the success and growth of the project. We work with you from site selection and acquisition through to developing area program, concept development, and our feasibility services can play a key role in guiding commercial strategy.

Our feasibility reports fully comply with financial institutions, can be used for discussion with brands and lending institutions.

Goa Villa

Project Management

We help you navigate a complex transformation from design to construction by bringing Project Management leadership, experience, and collaborate with multiple stakeholders. We coordinate design and construction issues every day, and we use this knowledge to minimise risk by establishing appropriate business relationship and accountability among the project team.

We cost manage every procurement and value engineer specifications to extract value for every item. 

Technical Services

We oversees the project at all stages of planning through construction until completion and handover to the operations team. We work with architects and consultants to achieve the maximum value for each project, ensuring that project is built efficiently and in line with design and standards. We inspect construction sites regularly to ensure that the design and quality goals are met throughout the project development phase to aid the timely completion and opening of the project.

We will also fill in the gap for any design or detail, if missed out.

Goa Villa

Purchase Management

We are committed at all times in creating efficiencies. Our procurement service means value at every stage as we leverage buying power, bring management expertise and vendor relationships to deliver optimum value. We bring truly global sourcing, using the best, most affordable, yet quality focused, sources throughout the world and meeting the highest standards of efficiency, cost controls, customer service, and quality for the Procurement.

We doesn’t just think in numbers, we consider design intent, styling and operator standards. The structure of procurement process is therefore based on both qualitative and quantitative reviews

Project Audit

Our focused expertise helps developers in looking within and reassessing their approach with audit of design, services, facility and cost to achieve positive results. In our audit we don't believe in digging at things as faults, instead we bring new perspective to table that may save value, or time or ease operations and enhance life of the product.

Our audit reports fully comply for any formal institutional need and also helps owner, designer, engineer and project managers in delivering an efficient project.

Project Development Solutions
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